• Variable and task specific, covering research, audits and specialist  services.
  • Australian clients benefit from a  high percentage of lower cost work that is completed in China.
  • Project costs are based on clients individual requirements.

Dispute Resolution Support

  • Arguably the most difficult area  of  transacting in China with outcomes influenced by relationships and heavily dependant upon the structure of agreements and contract definitions.
  • SinoSolve’s  most senior and experienced China Managers  are delegated to these negotiations.


  • Primarily a research service focussed on identifying  or confirming appropriate price/quality suppliers  matched to clients specific needs and requirements.


  • Project defined and aligned with the critical requirements of quality and timing .


  • Support, negotiating and audit roles are structured so as to provide absolute confidence that the process is and remains open and transparent.


  • In addition to standard commercial and quality system reviews audits can be Individually adapted to meet the clients and product specific needs.

Quality Audits

  • Range from simply random testing to full process monitoring . Audit detail is defined by the client and where appropriate linked to supply contracts.